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Micro-Crete MicroTopping Floors

Strong and durable solutions for high quality modern and industrial finishes

Microtopping Flooring system

Polished Concrete flooring is often misinterpreted by clients in this part of the world for floors with natural concrete or antique look rustic floors. For this reason, we have introduced our micro-cement flooring system which is a typical Microtopping thin coating overlay applied on sound and stable surfaces. “Micro-Crete”, “Micro-cement”, “Microbeton”, “Microcemento”, “Thinfinish”, “Neobeton”, “Microfinish” “MicroConcrete” all refer to the same Microtopping Flooring system.

Microtopping application involves the application of 2mm to 3mm thick shrinkage compensated polymer modified cementitious coating protected with polyurethane sealer. Whether it is a new flooring or renovating and resurfacing of existing flooring, Microtopping is the ideal solution to provide seamless concrete look floors. With different techniques, the application is possible on existing tiles, marble or even raised floors.

For walls, whether it is Gypsum, MDF or blocks, Microtopping provides a raw concrete or faux concrete effect. A polished plaster effect is also possible from these applications.

Micro-cement Flooring

Micro Concrete floors are popular because they add a modern look and feel to any business or home. Micro-cement flooring gives apartments with an industrial theme a clean, modern look. When paired with other modern pieces made of glass, steel, or other neutral-colored modern materials, they make homes that are both beautiful and useful. Micro-cement floors are generally affordable, however, micro-cement flooring is available in different price ranges.

If you order high-quality micro-cement flooring from the most reliable company in the business, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also end up with a remodeled apartment or office with a rustic, industrial look. SDS has years of experience to put down your micro-cement flooring Dubai. Before you choose low-quality linoleum or too-expensive hardwood, you should think about micro-cement flooring option, which are durable, reasonably priced, and look great.

Advantages of Microfinish Flooring

  • Can be laid on top of existing tiles, marble, granite or even raised flooring thereby eliminating the hassles of removal of existing floors.
  • Can be applied on floors and walls.
  • Can be stained to give an antique look.
  • A wide range of colours is available.
  • Can be used in washrooms and kitchens.
  • Can be applied to furniture, counters, kitchen tops etc.
  • Available in Gloss, Satin or Matte finish.