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Concrete Countertop

Polished Concrete countertops are now becoming very popular especially in Cafés, Restaurants, kitchens and offer great aesthetic appearance. Unlike original concrete counters which have to be casted and are usually very heavy, our Micro-Crete coating gives the flexibility of turning an MDF counter into a rustic concrete matt finish, homogeneous satin concrete finish and much more.

From outdoor concrete top to concrete kitchen countertop, concrete countertop are rapidly gaining popularity. Concrete offers countless design options as well as the ability for DIYers and homeowners to create their countertop.

A full range of products from Smartcrete Decorative Solutions are available to form, pour, and embellish concrete countertops. Professional concrete countertop mixes, shrink-resistant lath and reinforcement, admixtures, countertop color schemes, concrete countertop inserts, and profiles, countertop sealants, and polishing diamonds are some of the basic ingredients.

We, therefore, have all the equipment and materials you need to create your designer concrete countertops, whether you’re a contractor looking to fabricate countertops for a business or an individual looking to take on a DIY project.

Concrete Countertop Cost

Concrete Countertops are pricey. Once more, it is untrue to assume that because concrete is used for patios and sidewalks, it must be cheap. 

Since concrete countertops can weigh up to 8 to 12 kg per square foot, installers occasionally need to reinforce the cabinetry and even the floors to support the heavyweight. If your installation needs this, the price may rise even further.

Installing Concrete Countertop

Although concrete countertop may appear to be thick slabs, they are typically only 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick. They often appear to be much thicker slabs because of the countertop’s drop-front edging.

While concrete countertops are occasionally formed and poured on-site, they are typically created in shops after a technician carefully measures your kitchen area and goes over all of your available finish options with you.

Forms are constructed in the shop, and the countertop is then poured, complete with any requested sink cutouts, coloring, or additives. The countertop slabs are typically strengthened during fabrication with some kind of fiber or metal mesh to give them strength and rigidity.

After fabrication, the countertop is given time to fully cure before the surface can be polished or ground to the client’s desired finish. A very hard epoxy sealant is frequently used. An installation team carefully transports the countertop to the Jobsite after curing and finishing are finished.

Concrete Countertop Dubai

SDS provides high-quality decorative countertops in Dubai. SDS is the one-stop solution for concrete countertop finishes and furniture with attractive designs. To learn more about concrete countertop and to completely transform your home into a space that meets the needs of daily life, get in touch with us right away. SDS offers a wide range of decorative flooring in Dubai, UAE.

Concrete Countertop Advantages:

  • Can be sized and shaped to order.
  • Heat-resistant and difficult to scratch
  • Small objects can be inserted
  • Resilient and lasting
  • As it is viewed as a premium surface, it can increase resale value.