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Trowelled Concrete/ Colored Concrete

Strong and environment friendly solutions for exteriors and interiors

Trowelled Concrete or Raw Concrete all refers to concrete finished with power trowels to produce fair faced concrete finish. Since the product is final finish, extra precautions are required on joints, final levels etc. Colored Concrete on the other hand is simple grey concrete pigmented at the surface or throughout the entire mix of the concrete.

Why Use Colored Concrete?

There are various motivations to utilize Colored Concrete today. Generally used for stylish purposes, colored concrete is an excellent choice for making intriguing plans and imaginative concrete introductions. Colored concrete can be utilized to separate bigger spaces of concrete. If you have a substantial deck or long carport, shading all or portions of it can make it more fascinating than having it be all dim.

Many individuals utilize Concrete Flooring from SDS-ME to recreate nature, similar to green turf or finished rock ways. Coordinating concrete with the encompassing scene keeps concrete watchful and can restrict the dim concrete’s modern look.


  • Concrete is extremely strong, tough and resilient.
  • Difficult to damage concrete with furniture legs, high heels, pets etc
  • When properly sealed and maintained a concrete floor can last long.
  • Colored Concrete gives an artistic look to the floor