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Terrazzo Flooring

Designs and materials cycle in and out of popularity and terrazzo flooring is back in the spotlight for many of today’s designers. Flecks of color and a mottled look not to mention amazing durability make terrazzo popular for homes as well as commercial buildings. The history of the material goes back centuries but new colors and changes in production are making it a modern material that is in demand, ideal for minimalist interiors.

Terrazzo is actually a composite material that is used mainly for floors, but also for walls. It contains any variety of material chips–from stone, glass or marble to granite that are held together with a binder. Today, that is usually a concrete or epoxy-resin binder. Sometimes extra chips are sprinkled on top while the material is still wet. The flooring is then cured, ground and polished.


  • Abrasion resistance

  • Excellent stain and chemical resistance

  • High impact resistance

  • Does not shrink, permitting installation of larger monolithic sections if properly designed

  • The colors are permanent and will last the life of the floor without fading

  • Nonporous finish does not support bacterial growth, mold, or mildew

  • Low maintenance

  • Extremely durable, which translates into lower life-cycle costs