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Stains & Dyes


Concrete Staining & Dyeing provides designers and contractors with the opportunity to integrate the texture of concrete into the architectural presentation of the building or space. The combination of chemical reactive stains and penetrating dyes creates the opportunity for artistic expression in the concrete surface. Each installation becomes unique and draws from the character of the concrete.


Concrete Stencils Can Help You Achieve Better Results

Stencil concrete is commonly used to decorate walls, but our patterns may also be used to create an astonishing all over concrete carpet impression. Stencilling concrete is a low-cost approach to add style to an otherwise functional floor.

A stencilled concrete floor can also help you disguise flaws, create a beautiful focal point in your home, or simply add a touch of elegance to your room for a low cost. And don’t worry: stencilling on concrete is actually very simple!

Stencilling is so much faster since all of the work may be done with long-handled instruments outside the forms. The stencils offer the pattern, and the texturing can be done with lightweight textured rollers.

Any stamper will tell you that the window of opportunity is often very narrow. Concrete can occasionally be set too quickly to be textured properly. Our best concrete stencils can help to solve this problem.

The stencilling process can begin as soon as the concrete is bull floated, and it can sometimes be completed before the concrete is ready for stamping.


Chemically Reactive Stains create natural Patina concrete surfaces in a variety of colours. This material is applied by sprayer directly to existing concrete surfaces and reacts to provide variegated, transparent colour.


Penetrating dyes that provide designers and contractors with more vibrant colour options then chemically reactive materials while providing similar, natural concrete texture.